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From Birmingham, AL
We're DECODE and this is our first EP.

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released October 28, 2013

Recorded by Kevin Langley at All In Recordings



all rights reserved


DECODE Birmingham, Alabama

From Birmingham, AL.

Vox- Steele Christenberry

Guitar 1- Noman Irfan

Bassist- Luke Holtz

Guitar 2- Jeff Grodi

Guitar 3- Kyle Haynes

Drummer- Jonathan Woods

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Track Name: Trigon
A daughter born of demon and man
Into dimension Azarath
Taken under the wing of Azar
Forced to drought all emotion
In fear of breaking free
The bond from her mother grows weak
Time has withered a love which dies
Death of a mentor brings yet another
Who prepares her to repel her father
Her demon
Heritage denies her the help of a league
In her dismay she assembles the titans
A father flees with his daughter
Into his open realm
Titans seal him away for all eternity
But a dark influence still haunts her
As the purity stains her heart white it will
Wash away her darkness. And to the world is revealed a white raven
Track Name: Dragon
Self doubt will make your demeanor weaker inside
How can you loathe yourself?
Do you not see the beauty in flaw?
All are created with fragments of imperfection
This is not to say you are without worth
Stop doubting yourself
I know there are stories behind your scars
There is beauty in imperfection
Your loathing is poisoning your mind
I know your life changed the day you met the blade
But it's time you stop taking the blame for things out of your hands
Don't give up!
Please don't give up on me!
I will be here for you
Just stay strong for me
How can you show yourself no mercy?
I know it's getting hard to breath
Look into my eyes
Don't sell yourself for the happiness of others
You are worth more than the hate you hear
Push out your fear and bring in hope
I will not let you be alone
There is an ocean of negativity
That will try to flood your mind
Do not let your rare breed run extinct
Cherish your time here and treasure your life
Don't let this world burn out your flame
Open your eyes
Embrace yourself
Track Name: Witch Doctor
I feel so hollow
And I'm questioning
Where You are in this
You gave him a heart
But no language to speak it
So he speaks in tongue
Are You even there?
Can You even hear?
I won't hold these truths inside
Don't abandon me
Don't abandon them
Why won't this void fill
If I can't find You it never will
Will we remain unanswered?
Or is this just a test?
You let spirits haunt him
For years without end
Treated without respect
Why did you wait so long to save him
I held a precious child born of rape
With no eyes to see
Take my life and give it to them
Why won't this void fill?
If I can't find You it never will
Will we remain unanswered?
Or is this just a test?
From his heinous crime
You gave her the gift of life
A light in the dark
With the truest soul
As I stood in the circle
I fought the tears as they prayed
Why do we all have hope
When You've left us alone